Make it Easy for Attendees to Find You with a Booth Uniform

Attendees approach a trade show booth for 3 main reasons: 1. shop for new products/solutions. 2. get answers to their questions. 3. research. "Make sure that your booth staff has a uniform appearance so that it is obvious to attendees who works for your company and who can answer their Read more:

Is Your Booth Staff Giving Attendees What They Want to Know?

Attendees walk the trade show floor to find the answers to 3 main questions: 1. what do you do? 2. what will it do for me? 3. how do you do it differently from your competition? "Listen to attendees and give them exactly what they are looking for in the moment. Upselling can happen once the show is over Read more:

Avoid Trade Show Fatigue by Keeping Your Booth Staff Fresh

Ahhhhh, how do I love motivation? Let me count the ways... I recently received a comment on a blog post entitled Are You Innovating or Imitating on the Trade Show Floor which (shame on me) I did not write recently. Rick Bannerman commented "By the end of trade show season, most of my staff gets that trade Read more:

How to Deal with a Bad Booth Staffer

Have you ever had to work with bad booth staff? I recently received an email from a trade show exhibitor who stumbled across my article entitled A Smiling Staff Equals a Successful Trade Show. She agreed with the article, but unfortunately has to work with a booth staffer who is the exact opposite of Read more:

A Smiling Booth Staff Equals a Successful Trade Show

I just returned from NAFA Institute & Expo in Detroit, and was once again pleased to see a successful trade show with increased attendance numbers! However, I noticed three types of exhibitors as I walked around the expo floor: 1. those that "got it" and made their presence known to the attendees 2. Read more: