You Get What You Pay for When it Comes to Trade Show Talent

Trade Show TalentHiring trade show talent is a wise investment for an exhibitor.

After all they are the trade show professionalsThere is no other medium like a trade show, and companies must act accordingly. Unfortunately, too many exhibitors do not realize the nuances of trade show marketing, and do not have a successful show as a result.

Supplement your booth staff with trade show talent.

When you hire trade show talent to supplement your booth staff, these individuals have to be held accountable for the same level of dedication and success, if not more than your company employees. Thorough screening must be done before hiring anyone from outside the company, or else you just have another costly bad booth staffer. An experienced, results driven trade show professional will make a huge difference in the success of your trade show marketing strategy…just as an inexperienced, cheap, lazy, or not bright person will be a waste of money, if not detrimental to the success of your show.

Be sure to research your trade show talent.

Too many individuals say that they are professional trade show talent, so it is up to you to really research those you are selecting to represent your company. Whether you are hiring a hostess, crowd gatherer, sales assistant, product demonstrator, or presenter…you must make sure that these individuals have trade show experience, have a good work ethic, have a passion for their job, have an image that matches the image of your company, is results oriented, and is there to do whatever it takes to make your strategic marketing plan a success.

After all, you are hiring trade show talent to represent your brand and to be a part of your team…so always remember that you get what you pay for!

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