Trade Shows Have Changed

Your booth space + your product/service = sales, right? If only it were that easy.

Gone are the days when you bought booth space, designed an exhibit, invited your sales reps, and showcased your products/services to all the interested attendees rushing to your booth. Now you must catch their attention and convince them to step out of the aisle. You must combat their devices and your competition. You must engage them in conversation quicker than ever.

You have 3 seconds to stop an attendee walking down the aisle, 30 seconds to prequalify them, and 60 seconds to sell them on how your product/service can benefit them… or else they will move on. According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research, 91% of attendees say they get their most useful buying information from trade shows, so you must be ready for them.

You came to the show with the intent to succeed… but trade shows are a unique environment that even the most seasoned sales + marketing professionals have trouble understanding.

Justify Your Trade Show Marketing Dollars

You are spending a lot of money on your trade shows, and now you must justify ever single dollar you spend. Otherwise, your budget will be decreased or even eliminated altogether. Do you know how to maximize your investment?

Do you know what to do and what to say? Do you know what works and what doesn’t work in today’s technologically advanced world? Do you know why the “who” and the “why” is so important? Do you know which marketing tactics provide ROI and which are a waste of money?

Introducing Trade Show Presenter Emilie Barta

Germany Trade Show Presenter Emilie Barta at Schweissen and SchneidenEmile Barta has been in trade show marketing for 15+ years. Her company, Emilie Barta Presentations, designs + delivers trade show in-booth presentations that get you noticed on the expo floor. She leads you down the path of efficiency and gives you straightforward solutions. She’s seen the good, the bad, and the ugly… and she’s passionate about helping you succeed.

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Trade Show Presenter Emilie Barta Gets Qualified Attendees
Out of the Aisle and Into Your Booth

Chicago Trade Show Presenter Emilie Barta at FabtechEmilie collaborates with you to design messaging and promotion strategies that attract qualified attendees out of the aisle and into your booth. Her in-booth presentations provide engaging education that get your message out to the masses; ensure a positive 1st impression of your company; and allow your sales staff to attend to the hot leads through personal demos and your C-suite to focus on high-level meetings and press relations.

Emilie’s engaging in-booth presentations are a great bang for your buck because they:

  • prequalify decision makers + influencers
  • lower your cost per lead
  • start your sales cycle on the trade show floor

There is No One Size Fits All Approach

Las Vegas Trade Show Presenter Emilie Barta at HIMSSIn-booth Presentations by Emilie Barta Presentations are designed just for you… and customized based on your purpose, strategy, and needs. No concepts or scripts are ever recycled.

Emilie draws upon her years of trade show success stories to recommend the best plan for you. Next she implements the vision you have collectively created based on your audience, branding, and unique selling proposition. Then Emilie + her team of trade show pros execute tirelessly on the expo floor to exceed your goals and objectives.

Trade Show Presenter Emilie Barta Gets Results

Chicago Trade Show Presenter Emilie Barta and Her Trade Show ProsEmilie Barta Presentations gets you recognition + results on the expo floor.

Your booth staff is highly skilled at having conversations with hot leads, but usually ill equipped at starting them. Emilie + her team of trade show pros takes the pressure off both you and your booth staff by maintaining a welcoming experience for attendees through their strategic 3-step prospecting process:

1. audience attraction
2. engaging education
3. conversion to conversations

This conversion to conversations is where Emilie Barta Presentations shines. They are known for procuring a large quantity of qualified leads, and hold an average retention rate of 80% following the presentations.

The Emilie Barta Difference

Emilie + her team of trade show pros acts as an extension of your company… allowing you to relax and enjoy a successful show!

  • educates through messaging: takes complex technical concepts and makes them understandable and relatable to the audience
  • genuine air of authority: commands an audience’s attention through professionalism, intelligence, and integrity
  • results oriented: focuses on the goals and objectives established within the trade show marketing strategy

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Emilie Barta Presentations also provides Exhibitor Marketing Videos and live streamed In-booth Broadcasts for trade show exhibitors on expo floors around the globe. And Emilie is a sought after trade show exhibition consultant who works with exhibitors on trade show marketing strategies + tactics to ensure they have an extremely profitable show.

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